~ WELCOME~ We Are Here For Your Dog Training Needs!

~ WELCOME~ We Are Here For Your Dog Training Needs!

~ WELCOME~ We Are Here For Your Dog Training Needs!~ WELCOME~ We Are Here For Your Dog Training Needs!


Cathie Tims - CPDT-KA, CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINER, www.ccpdt.org has 15 years experience working with dogs and their people, and a lifetime living and training her dog companions. 

Like many trainers, Cathie’s interest in dog training started with the adoption of several ‘special’ dogs.  

Over these years, Cathie hired trainers and took many classes with her dogs.  She read any book that she could get her hands on, attended seminars and webinars. 

It was the incredible results she had working in partnership with her dogs that inspired her to become a trainer herself! 

In 2004, Cathie began taking, observing and assisting with classes. She also volunteered walking dogs for the North Vancouver District Animal Shelter. 

In 2006 Cathie found DOGsmart Training, Vancouver, and was accepted into their two year trainer’s apprenticeship program. 

From 2008 - 2018 Cathie instructed group and private classes in various locations in Vancouver and Burnaby.  Cathie and her dogs have also participated in MANY classes, everything from Puppy Classes, Advanced, Canine Good Neighbour and Canine Sports, like Agility and Rally O.  

In 2010, after meeting the requirements of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, www.ccpdt.org, and passing their intensive 4 hour exam, Cathie obtained her professional designation CPDT-KA.  In order to maintain this professional designation, certificants are required to renew every 3 years by either re-taking the exam or by continuing their education (36 CEU'S), by completing courses seminars and webinars  that are approved by CCPDT. 

In 2011, while continuing to teach group and private classes, Cathie opened her own successful dog walking and dog boarding business.  Cathie’s Canine Care.

In 2019, she remodelled the company and changed the name to Cathie's Canine Connection, now offering PRIVATE TRAINING & GROUP CLASSES.

Note: We do not offer boarding services anymore.

Cathie is very active in the New Westminster community. She volunteers several times a week, including at Impact Parkinson’s,  boxing with person’s (fighters) diagnosed with the disease.  www.impactparkinsons.com

She also lives in New Westminster with her spouse and two dogs, CocoBelle, a 6 year old Field Spaniel raised from puppyhood, and Paddy, a 12 year old adopted Pomeranian X.  www.littlepawrescue.ca